Artist Feature : Brose Royce


Artist: Brose Royce

Reasons We Like Him: I mean, he has the commercial sound.. we get it, but we really like that WE CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS SAYING. Its like if these other mainstream rappers were actually intelligible. We love songs we can actually sing the words to because they are comprehensible. Bravo Brose Royce, thanks for using actual words!

Our favorite song : Eat

Long story short : We like him, we really like him. If it came down to it.. we would boycott whats going on in radio land today to trade it in for rappers like him… comes with comprehensive words. Its like the best of both words, ratchet music and english! Woohooo.. because who doesn’t want to be able to sing along while they twerk?

We have a question for you Royce! How did you get on the roof? Y’all look at this guy doing his thing, risking his life for your entertainment. He’s the real MVP!



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